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I put a gig on my gigs with my gigs

I've updated the site! It's needed it for a couple of months, but it kept falling by the wayside as other things took priority. The big changes in what's going on are twofold.

First, I've been published again, and that's now reflected on both the front page and the books page. My goal this year is to get ten things published; we'll see how that goes. I have a couple of pieces that I think are basically ready and have had good feedback, though one of them just doesn't seem to fit anywhere. We'll see what I can do with it.

Secondly, I've added a third gig. I've got the Patreon, the Etsy store, and now I'm also a Twitch affiliate, streaming gameplay three days a week. If you've got Amazon Prime and a (free) Twitch account you can now support me at no cost to you by hopping over there and using your one free prime subscription. The sad thing about prime subs are they have to be renewed every month; they don't continue on their own. BUT! You can also come join me! Chill and hang out and chat as I play video games from 1pm to 6pm CST, Monday through Wednesday. Mondays are Mass Effect as I play through the Legendary Edition and then Andromeda; I'm on ME2 and probably about halfway through so we'll be playing Mass Effect for a bit yet. Tuesdays I'm playing Pokemon: Violet, which is my first real Pokemon game so I'm very much at a loss about what's good and what isn't. Wednesdays are for shorter things and it'll vary as I finish and move on to the next. I may eventually add a third day to streaming, and may do an evening time, but we'll see. Right now there's not a lot of people at my streams which somehow makes them more difficult. When more people are around and some are chatting it's easy to play and talk, but if it's quiet I have to be more 'on' which can get draining.

Anyway. I'm doing a short writing mini-conference this week, and have a small writing group so hopefully I'll have more to put on this site before long.

Thank you for visiting and for reading. <3

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