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I've submitted a lot of fiction pieces to literary journals, and one of the pieces of advice I was told fairly early in was that once I started getting rejections with comments from people saying they wanted to see my work again, I should make a website. That... was a couple of months ago, whoops. Granted, having ADHD and having infrequent access to meds seems like a pretty solid reason for the delay, but at last I 1) currently have meds and 2) may in a week have stable access to the things I need to make my brain work the way normal peoples' brains work.

This website will be a good way to keep track of what I've got out there and coming out soon, as I intend to keep it up-to-date. I also intend for it to be a bit of insight into trying to get and keep being published in this day and age. It's not easy, it doesn't pay well, but having my stories, my characters, little pieces of me out there and in readers' hands is beyond fulfilling.

I will probably add a monthly newsletter at some point in the future, but right now I'm trying to just get things back on track after infrequent med access and a bout of Covid that's left some lingering issues. We are now rather certain I got it on the plane/in the airport on the trip back home due to the fact that I didn't get any of the people I was staying with sick, so thanks for no longer requiring masks, FAA.

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