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Kelas Lloyd

Freelance Writer, Jewelry Artist, Author, Twitch Streamer

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Latest Fiction

Onward (2022)

A drabble about desperately moving forward through dangerous lands.

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Latest Nonfiction

No Longer So Small (2022)

An essay about the smallness of disabled life and how that changed in online community found during the first year of the pandemic. Kelas also conceptualized and co-edited the collection.

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Latest Poetry

Mothballs (2022)

A modern poem about the experience of being trans in this world.

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About Kelas Lloyd

Kelas Lloyd is the winner of the 2020 Working Class Writer's Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation. They write fiction that's primarily under the speculative umbrella, freelance write non-fiction pieces that tend to be disability or queer adjacent, create jewelry with resin and beads, and livestream video games at least three times a week. 

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