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How to Support My Work

I'm a disabled author and artist, which is to say that my continued artwork relies on people continuing to purchase written works and jewelry as well as joining my writing patreon. It may come as a surprise to many that disability does not pay enough to afford rent, and all rental support lists are full. Support of my art is the only way I can keep making it.

My Patreon

Every Tuesday and Thursday I post written work to my patreon. Tuesdays are for longer pieces; each month sees at least one short story, one essay, and one review and then additional Tuesdays have seen recipes, comic strips, and listicles. Thursday is Tiny Things Thursday and most times will be a drabble but sometimes the post will be a poem or something else small.

Monthly memberships start at just $1 a month and give you access to all of the posted work.

My Store

I make jewelry with resin, beads, and wire. There are some fandom-inspired designs in the mix because I love wearing and making things that are subtly geeky.

I do take commissions if there's something you want that you don't see in my shop. Earring stud commissions start at $30; necklace, ear wire, and other earring commissions start at $35. The price may stay there or go up depending on the complexity of what you're asking. Please feel free to inquire.

My Twitch Stream

I'm a variety streamer on Twitch, playing through games I love and games that are new to me, looking to build a community that's friendly and relaxed with a love of learning and video games.

I stream Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 1pm CST roughly until 6pm CST, come join!

The Tip Jar

Do you just appreciate what I do? Want to support me without subscribing or buying something? Here are the options.

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