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Kelas Lloyd's Biography

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Kelas (pronounced kee·luhs, as in keyless entry) Lloyd is a disabled, bisexual, trans non-binary author and artist. Originally from California, they lived all over the United States and in Missouri they caught the disease that would go on to disable them, as if ADHD wasn't doing enough already.

They graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's degree in English: Creative writing despite becoming disabled in the summer after their sophomore year and facing all the issues existing in a very ableist world presented.

During the pandemic they were finally diagnosed with ADHD and started to get their life and brain in order enough to return to two of their loves: writing and jewelry-making.

They are available as a creative writer for writing short stories and scripts, flash fiction, drabbles, and as a freelance writer for articles from a queer, disabled perspective. They are also available to present on disability in media at any venue that requires masks and vaccinations or is outdoors or online. 

The currently stream on their Twitch channel (linked below) every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 1pm CST until 6pm CST, with pop-up streams happening from time to time. 

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